When showing homes to clients, I realize it can be difficult for some to envision their style of furnishings in the space to make the house fit their taste and lifestyle. Many times we find a house in the perfect setting, but it needs to be tweaked a bit to update it and make it your own. I have a good friend and colleague who can help you envision, design and oversee the remodel to help you achieve the look you desire. With a background that blends construction and interior design, Andrew Parkhill can meet all your needs and help you navigate a successful remodel that can otherwise be a stressful endeavor. Below Andrew sheds some light on how to create a successful design with his basic principles.

Design Principles By Andrew Parkhill:

When designing a room, be it your bedroom, living room, kitchen or office – there are a few basic principles that one must follow to create a successful design. What constitutes a successful design? A space that is functional, balanced, has a rhythm and is harmonious. Tastes and styles vary person to person and a truly successful design adheres to these principles as well as reflects the personality of the owner.

Balance – When a sense of visual equilibrium is achieved in a room. Balance in a room can be achieved symmetrically or asymmetrically.

Rhythm – the organized repetition of elements in a design scheme constitutes
rhythm. This brings unity and continuity to the space. The elements must share a common theme, such as color, but should also be varied to create visual interest.

Harmony – Exists when both unity and variety are present in a room. Color,
pattern and texture combined carefully produce a unified whole. Subtle variety is the key to creating a harmonious unified whole. This contributes vitality and excitement. Too
much unity creates a boring atmosphere.

Finally, always ask yourself “does it work?” Beauty becomes obsolete if either the arrangement or floor plan is not functional. The ability to move freely and go about your daily business is paramount to living in a home that satisfies you, inspires you and ultimately creates happiness. These principles are the basics to designing successfully. One can take these principles how ever deep they want to go and really create a story that speaks to all who enter the space.

Below are pictures of a master bath and living room that exhibit all of the above:


Parkhill_dp_livingspace copy

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Andrew Parkhill