The last few weeks have seen 32 properties sold and another 75 added to the MLS for the Tahoe Truckee area. All signs point to a strong fall selling season and I will report back on September numbers in the next week.

I wanted to take a moment and look at the community of Gray’s Crossing as it continues to grow and thrive in our market. Year to date there have been 6 homes sold and there are currently 2 more pending leaving only 4 homes currently available for sale. The average Days On Market was 75 which is a good number considering most of the homes are vacation or second home owners. With that said, Gray’s is a community with a good mix of full time and vacation homes, with an identity that has a warm and welcoming sense of community with amenities that are very attractive to buyers. PJ’s Restaurant has been very popular and successful, with some of the best outdoor dining in Truckee. It has extended a 15% discount to property owners, which is a nice gesture. The fall is always a great time to enjoy golf and PJ’s is a fun atmosphere for the entire family – especially during football season. The golf course and PJ’s have a closing date of October 18th, so come enjoy over the next few weeks. Below are a few numbers on the Gray’s Crossing community:

– 69 completed homes out of 377 total homesites
– 31 homes under construction and or near completion
– 16 homes with final approval from Design Review committee

18 Gray's