I am often asked my thoughts about design in the Tahoe-Truckee area and I thought it would be fun to explore the trends that are blending Tahoe style with contemporary for “Mountain Modern” feel.

If you were to take a drive through many of the new communities in Truckee/Tahoe you would notice a wide variety of building design from the classic rustic mountain lodge all the way to the contemporary glass homes we are seeing more of in communities such as Martis Camp and Mountainside at Northstar. Below are two good examples:

Mountain Rustic Lodge at Northstar:


Contemporary Stellar Townhome Mountainside at Northstar:


We have all heard the saying, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” and this most definitely applies to architecture and design. It all comes down to the emotions and feelings you have inside of a property. These feelings and moods can change with the seasons. A contemporary home may feel airy and bright with the expansive walls of windows that open to bring the outdoors inside to blend the living spaces in the summertime. On the other hand, a rustic mountain lodge will feel warm and cozy with the divided light windows, floor to ceiling granite fireplace and large exposed timbers and beams to warm up the environment and mood on a cold snowy winters day. Both of these styles are very appealing to consumers, and it all comes down to personal preference.

What I have found very appealing is a combination of the two designs creating this “mountain modern” feel. These recent design trends have seamlessly blended sleek modern lines with the traditional rustic warmth of Tahoe style. The blend is accomplished through utilization of an eclectic variety of materials including steel, wood and stone for both interior and exterior applications. The use of large window walls that merge the outdoor forest and mountain views with the interior of the home adds to the typical Tahoe feel of the home. Your personal architectural design style can come to life with the use of a myriad of colors and textures for interior furnishings that will result in the perfect look and feel for your mountain retreat or full time residence.

Within the mountain modern design the home will usually slightly lean to one side or the other between contemporary and mountain rustic. Below are a few great examples:

Mountain Modern home at Martis Camp on the contemporary side:


On the inside you will find wood ceilings Alder cabinets and oil finished distressed White Oak floors to warm up the glass and modern elements of design.


Mountain Modern home at Gray’s Crossing on the mountain rustic side:


On the interior you will find modern finishes such as Lyptus cabinets and Leathered Quartzite countertops mixed with wood and stone that compliment each other well to provide a warm yet eclectic feel for the modern consumer.


It is a fascinating time in Truckee – Tahoe right now to watch all of the modern architecture and design elements being put to use by many talented architects and builders. If you have any questions on these homes or want to give feedback with your thoughts on trends and designs, fell free to reach out to sjones@tahoemountainrealty.com.