In addition to the luxury facilities at Gray’s Crossing and Old Greenwood, the Tahoe Mountain Club offers private ski amenities at the Northstar Resort. Members avoid parking at the resort by riding the TMC shuttle to The Village. Membership includes season long equipment storage at The Alpine Club. The familiar faces of the winter staff greet you with a warm welcome. The staff, mostly complied of employees from the summer golf facilities, enjoy chatting you up on the recent conditions, upcoming events, or how many point Steph Curry scored in the warriors win last night. After a quick jaunt while slipping into your fireplace warmed boots, it is time to assure the corduroy doesn’t stay that way. Northstar is famous for their long and steep groomers of The Backside.

After 10’s of thousands of vertical feet, your stomach is sure to be growling. Schaffer’s Camp Restaurant is arguably the best, but certainly the most unique, setting for a private amenity in Tahoe. Soften the achy foot feeling of ski boots as you slip them off and step onto the heated floors. Slippers are provided and allow for a relaxing lunch or bar lounge experience. Schaffer’s Camp offers a dynamic menu for all ages and hunger levels. If you are disciplined enough to not overindulge, some afternoon laps are a must. As your legs burn on the last long run to the village, the thoughts of après ski cocktails and nachos at The Alpine Club become motivation.

Leaving your gear at the mountain makes for an easy return visit on the Shuttle. Once landing back at home, enjoy the spa or hot tub as an evening of relaxation is much needed to prepare to do it all again tomorrow.