I can certainly testify to the age ol’ tale that, “If you buy snow tires and powder skis…the flurries won’t fly”. Naturally I did both, and here I am looking across a beautiful meadow, a lush flowering spring like meadow without a single ounce of snow. HaHa. If you think for a minute that your local golf professional isn’t sad about the lack of snow, you’re wrong. Being a resident of the Truckee community and an avid outdoorsman I look to some of my other hobbies to stay occupied this season. Let’s start with mountain biking, the mountain bike trails this winter have been ridiculous! “Lloyds”, “The Animal”, “Emigrant”, “Sawtooth” and even “Martis”  have all been immaculate this winter. Ironic that mountain bikers use the term “Brown Pow” when describing perfect dirt conditions; we certainly have experienced it all winter long. Shifting gears to another great Truckee activity not usually geared towards the winter months, kayaking. The flat water kayaking has been beyond belief this year, consistent temperatures in the mid 50’s and mild winds have left Donner Lake and even Lake Tahoe in ideal paddling conditions. I’ve never had a better day in my boat than this January  on Lake Tahoe. Believe it or not, Tahoe can actually be flat as glass; something I seldom see in the summer months. Naturally being the Head Golf Professional at Gray’s Crossing, golf is always on my mind. Luckily the weather in nearby Reno, NV and Auburn, CA was just as good as Truckee this winter, setting up several wonderful days on the links. During a typical Truckee winter The Masters is generally a great starting point for the golf season. I encourage all of you to scratch that idea this season and get out there ASAP. The courses are in phenomenal shape, the weathers beautiful and the cheeseburger birds are already praising us with their graces. Lastly, I have to mention skiing. The skiing this season is certainly not the same as it was a few years back, but I will go on record in saying, it’s not as bad as everyone makes it out to be. I’ve had some unbelievable spring corn days already and I know more are in my future. The bottom line is, get out and enjoy EVERYTHING that Truckee has to offer, you just might be surprised.

Anyways, enough of my two cents, how about a little summer preview of Gray’s Crossing? First off, we are very excited to open in early May of 2014 (weather permitting). The golf course is sure to be in midsummer form as early as ever this year. If you haven’t already, make sure and purchase your 2014 Annual Season Golf Pass. We are giving  4 FREE GUEST ROUNDS as an early season incentive to all those who purchase their pass before April 1st, 2014. Visit www.grayscrossinggolf.com for more details. Continually, we have acquired 15 additional golf carts for this season to accommodate the growth of this great golf community. 2014 promises to deliver more players and traffic than ever before. Furthermore, you will see our new wedding and event lawn while dinning at PJ’s. The lawn is located directly underneath the current lawn at PJ’s when looking out towards Mt. Rose and the 18th green. We already have several events planned for 2014 and can’t wait to explore this new endeavor at Gray’s Crossing for years to come. The annual High Fives benefit is being played on May 15th, and the  Gene Upshaw Memorial Golf Classic is slated for July 14th. Be sure and check out these great events as well as others this season. The fitness facility remains open from 7am-7pm daily, with the pool, sun deck and outdoor spa opening May 16th.

On behalf of the entire staff at Gray’s Crossing, we are very excited for another great year and the growth of this great community. We look forward to seeing many familiar faces as well as meeting several new ones. If you have any questions, golf or indifferent, please don’t hesitate to ask, we would love to help. We’ll see you soon and remember………. don’t buy snow tires!