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SnowFest will be wrapping up the week of events with fireworks, Ididarun and the 28th annual snow sculpture contest this weekend. Here is a link to the schedule with locations and event details: SnowFest Schedule

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The narrative surrounding real estate in the Tahoe-Truckee resort market this winter has closely mirrored the ski season itself. As the first indications of a strong winter became evident, a flurry of activity beset the region. These transactions were largely consumers having expressed interest in the past who needed a vote of confidence from Mother Nature to make a final purchasing decision.

As the snow continued through the holidays, the region saw a remarkably steady flow of visitors who reengaged with the sport and the region in a way that reinvigorated a curiosity for making a more permanent home in the mountains. This activity begat results for February that built upon an already steady start to the year with 91 total transactions, up 7% from the previous month and 23% year over year. More notably, the constitution of these transactions was decidedly upscale as average price leapt 23% from February, 2015 to $972,000. Notable among these include 5 Martis Camp homes at an average price of $6,860,000 including a transaction over $7 million by Tahoe Mountain Realty, the second largest transaction ever recorded in that community. Additionally, Northstar’s resurgence included the second consecutive month with a transaction from TMR greater than $3,000,000 in Big Springs as well as three other premium sales.

Yet February brought warm temperatures and easy traveling allowing an even greater number of guests to experience an exceptional winter season under ideal weather conditions. Like the winter, that just reestablished snow levels through an atmospheric river that brought 49” in 72 hours at Northstar, the real estate market appears ready to launch to even greater heights. With 46 sales currently pending above $1,000,000 communities including Martis Camp with 7 sales currently pending at $4,800,000 average and Northstar Mountainside with 3 sales pending at over $10,000,000 total volume, near term success appears as abundant as snowfall.

In general, the market remains vibrant and optimistic but has not yet hit its full potential. The second wave of winter will come just in time to inspire consumers to visit under the best possible circumstances to inspire a visit to our showroom.

We will be waiting with great enthusiasm.

You will enjoy the Village atmosphere and people watching overlooking the ice rink and live music events on the stage below in the Iconic building of Great Bear with this top floor 4 bedroom penthouse:Click Here to View Listings

Great Bear


5 new listings:Click Here to View Listings

Martis Camp
3 new listings:Click Here to View Listings

10 new listings:Click Here to View Listings

Gray’s Crossing
1 new listing:Click Here to View Listings

Old Greenwood
5 new listings:Click Here to View Listings

Schaffer’s Mill
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Squaw Valley
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Lake Tahoe (North, West & East Shore)
15 new listings:Click Here to View Listings

I hope to see you up this weekend enjoying the fresh snow and winter activities. Don’t hesitate to call if you or any friends would like to view properties.

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